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Minister of Pastoral Care

Rev. Randy MacKenzie:

Randy was born and raised in Essex County, Ontario in the second half of the 20th Century. He was very active in church, his community, and sports activities while growing up.


At an early age, Randy believed that he had a calling to serve God and the church in Ordered Ministry. He graduated from WLU and Emmanuel College, was ordained in 1976, and has served in four Pastoral Charges before he retired in 2016. 


Randy was invited to share in Ministry at St. Andrew's in 2015.  His main responsibility here is hospital and home visiting, resourcing the Pastoral Care and Membership Committee, and occasional participation in Worship. He is also a member of the Chancel Choir.


Randy has been married for forty years to Penny. They are parents to Matthew and Caitlin, and are grandparents to Sophia and Henry.

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