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The Home of Hope

The Home of Hope is an orphanage located in the Mchingi District of Malawi, a landlocked country in south eastern Africa.  This very rural area suffers from poverty and the ravages of AIDS.  Reverend Thomas Chipeta and his wife have watched their project of providing home, food, security and education to the orphaned children in the district.  The number of children served by the Home of Hope has varied but never falls.  Currently, there are close to 500 orphans receiving support.  Ages range from newborn to adolescent and some of college age.

Through the efforts of one of St. Andrew’s members, we have come to be involved in the support of the children in this desperate situation.  Funds from our congregation and many other Canadian individuals and groups are transferred directly into the accounts of the orphanage.  A number of individuals from the congregation, from our community and from across Canada have made the arduous journey to the orphanage to lend a physical hand, to witness the great value of the donations and to share in this wonderful work.

This project is truly an amazing mission and the support of donors has a profound effect on the lives of these orphans.

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