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Zion Presbyterian & Zion United Church

Alexander MacKenzie emigrated from Scotland and started a branch of the Free Church of Scotland, which met in the town hall in 1852. Building of a church on the south side of Darling Street started in 1857, but money problems delayed completion of the church until summer 1859. In June 1858, the church was named the Zion Presbyterian Church. Rev. William Cochrane, speaking at the Kerby House in December 1861, made such an impression that he was asked to become minister of the Zion Church. He was inducted on May 14, 1862 and was still minister of the church when he died on October 17, 1898.


Additions to the building included a large pipe organ in 1874 and the building at the back of the church in 1883. The church was enlarged and redecorated with a gallery all around and a centre pulpit in 1883. The "Ladies Pulpit", which was used as the lectern, was carved and presented to the church in 1906 by the ladies. In 1919, the church bought the Bank of British North America building on the corner of George and Darling Streets for use as a Sunday school but the demolition of the building didn't start until a few years later.


In 1925, the church voted itself into The United Church of Canada, but exercised its right to retain its Presbyterian order and policy. The church was renamed Zion United Church. In 1934, a fire started in the basement causing $15,000 damage and resulted in the church being closed from October 1934 to January 1935 for renovations, which included the divided chancel arrangement, the interchange of location of the organ and the Cochrane windows, and a new heating system. In 1937, the  Casavant Pipe Organ was installed and dedicated. In 1960, the Sanctuary building was extensively renovated and repaired at a cost of $97,000. Zion United Church was reopened and redidicated for the third time in April of 1961. 

In 1995, the members of Zion and Brant Avenue United churches voted to amalgamate. The name of the church was changed to St. Andrews United Church with the congregation using the Darling Street church. On the night of January 24, 2006, the church suffered a devastating fire. In 2011, St. Andrew's and Wesley United churches amalgamated, retaining the name of St. Andrew's.

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