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Tania Topolinsky:

Program Coordinator


Welcome to Soup for the Soul! Working here has been a rewarding experience where we have had the opportunity to meet wonderful people, expand our knowledge, and make some delicious food.

Tania has been working with Soup for the Soul since 2015. She was born in Hamilton Ontario, but now lives in Brantford where she has four kids, and a beautiful granddaughter. Tania is a passionate person who loves helping the community. She also likes to spend her free time working and caring for animals when she can. With her big heart, she has succeeded in helping Soup for the Soul become a pleasant atmosphere with lots of conversation and laughs.

Being a part of Soup for the Soul has been a great experience for Tania. She continues to strive to improve the program by connecting with clients and creating fun experiences. Tania helps provide a safe, caring, and trusting environment that allows people to enjoy their meal in peace.

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